Pakistan: Measles Vaccine Kills Infant Girl, Makes Twin Bother Comatose

Pakistan: Measles Vaccine Kills Infant Girl, Makes Twin Bother Comatose

One of the deadliest vaccines is killing children again. The measles vaccine has claimed the life of a five-month-old in Swat, Pakistan, while her twin brother is in coma after receiving the same vaccine.

Express Tribune published the story of the twins falling seriously ill while on way back home from the health unit in Taghma area of Kabal, Swat (Northern Pakistan) where they had just received a measles shot. The female child Iqra soon died while her twin brother fell into coma but made it to a nearby hospital.Filling vaccine to syringe

Death and disability by measles vaccine in Pakistan and abroad is rampant. Yet, the corporate-centered World Health Organization and its partner administrations and networks continue to violate the very basic rights of people by concealing information and corruption the facts about vaccine risks.

Mainstream media plays a central role in such misinformation. The above cited Express Tribune story, for example, starts with the misleading headline “Cause of death unknown: Five-month-old dies after receiving measles shot”. The children were killed by the vaccine in front of the father and the technician – as the paper says – escaped when he learnt of the children’s situation. But to be pharmaceutically correct, papers stress the “safe vaccine” slogan.

Quoting biased institutions and “experts” is another strategy media employs to continue misleading the masses on vaccination. And this leads to often ridiculous claims passed as “expert opinion”. The story in question for example refers to National Health Services claiming that severe reaction to measles vaccine is reported only one case in a billion. If that were so, of the world 7 billion population today (even if they were all vaccinated for measles), we’ll have only 7 severe measles shot reaction cases throughout the entire world. But what do facts tell us?

Facts tell us that 6 children died in Baluchistan almost immediately as a reaction to measles shots earlier this year while 9 children died and many others became seriously sick last year in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. And if you start counting the number of dead and seriously sick by measles shots around the world, it’s way more than the claims of Pakistan’s official health institute.

Sold-out medical industry, corrupt media, corrupt law enforcement and judiciary, and the ignorant masses – all these continue to kill children so as to profit the vaccine industry.

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