Outcry Continues against Reckless Killing of Idaho’s Wolves

Outcry Continues against Reckless Killing of Idaho’s Wolves

When it comes to killing the voiceless members of a human-dominated society, all authorities play as a team. What is happening to wolves in Idaho is a brutal example of this killing game.wolf

Last month, a federal judge allowed permits for wolf hunt despite cries of protest from animal rights activists. A local hunter was quoted justifying the killing of wolves by reasoning that introducing wolves in the area was a bad decision from a conservationist viewpoint, and the wolves are hurting other animals and people raising livestock.

The Animal Rescue Site is now hosting a petition to gather support against the brutal anti-wolf agenda of the U.S Forest Service (USFS), which has given permission to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) for killing two packs of wolves in Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

The petition has received strong support so far with more than 30K names added and on the way to gather another 17K plus signatures. The letter of the petition reads:

“IDFG instructions to its contractor to remove two entire wolf packs in this wilderness area will eliminate one of the key components of this ecosystem, an apex predator, from the Frank Church Wilderness Area.”


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