Obama’s Popularity Sinks to All-Time Low

Obama’s Popularity Sinks to All-Time Low

Latest polls on President Obama’s popularity show that most Americans, who took part in the poll, gave him a low rating on his job performance.Barack Obama

NewsMax informs that a poll conducted by Washington Post-ABC News last week show a 55 percent disapproval rating of the President. The poll also shows that only 41 percent of Americans now believe President Obama is capable of handling the country’s economy.

According to NewsMax, the plummeting rating of Mr. Obama’s job performance has created an alarm for the Democrats in the Senate who now fear they might lose control of the Senate and make the party suffer in next year’s midterm elections.

Currently, NewsMax is conducting a national poll titled Rate Obama on His Job Performance online. The poll asks participants whether they approve or disapprove President Obama and also whether they trust him or otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Popularity Sinks to All-Time Low

  1. Not surprising when a third of the Nation is waiting for hand outs and another third sitting on their fanny, while the remaining slog their asses off to cause a change. Be truthful, pie in the sky when you die, and not before. Word Matters! However, we do have to stop complaining and do something united for a change.

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