Obama Can be Sued, Decides the US House of Representatives

Obama Can be Sued, Decides the US House of Representatives

It’s big news as the President of the world’s leading superpower and economy has been voted eligible for a lawsuit by the House of Representatives.Barack Obama

The Reuters story informs that the Republican-led House voted 225-201 to allow suing President Obama over his very controversial healthcare law – or Obamacare, as it is popularly known. The vote has paved the way for taking President Obama to the court for exceeding his constitutional authority in making amends to the Obamacare law.

President Obama has reacted to this move by the congress by telling the Republicans to “stop hating all the time,” as we see in this video where the President is also seen expressing his disappointment at the Republican side saying they have not been as constructive as he would have hoped.

The importance of the current vote is too obvious to ignore. Beyond the question of who’s right or wrong, the US House of representative’s vote counts as an example of a system of accountability in a democratic country. The representatives of the masses hold the right to make the highest authority responsible – a crucially important fundamental aspect of rule of law, not a person or institution, which the world needs to acknowledge and adopt.

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