Will You Have Walmart or a Forest?

Will You Have Walmart or a Forest?

Enough of urbanization now, for we need to save our forests, the long-term sustainers of life on earth. Since it is so, thousands of people are naturally concerned over the sale of forest land in Miami-Dade County with the knowledge that the new owner has plans for building Walmart in place of the trees that are home to many living species as well as a pleasure to the eye and breath to lungs.Miami walmart

Chris Wolverton’s petition on Care2 shouts: Don’t Build Walmart on Endangered Forest Lands! It informs that 88 acres of endangered forest land in Florida’s Miami-Dade County was recently sold by University of Miami to a Palm Beach County developer who thinks it’s a great chance to “create” something – and of all things he has in mind for potential creation is a chain store.

Now that is simple destruction of life. Making apartments and shopping centers is no substitute for nature and life. Given that people don’t need a Walmart in the area due to proximity of the famous grocery’s stores nearby, it’s a decidedly a dumb deal.

True that I buy my cookies and packaged rice from Walmart, but I breathe the air owing to the forests. Walmart maybe another grocery, but a forest is a world of its own with matchless treasures of life and beauty. That is why I will sign this petition. What about you?

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