New Zealand and Australia Attack Free Speech Video Site Brighteon

New Zealand and Australia Attack Free Speech Video Site Brighteon

Globalists hate free speech—which means they hate sources that give the alternative or other side of the story. No wonder then that the free speech video-sharing website has come under an attack by the leftist governments of New Zealand and Australia.

Brighteon’s founder Mike Adams sent an email alert on March 26, 2019 to all users notifying them of their urgent fight against censorship that has threatened the website with de-platforming it.

On Mike Adamas posted a message in text as well as in video (included below) telling that following the Christchurch shootings in New Zealand, the governments of both New Zealand and Australia attempted to annihilate Brighteon by threatening their upstream providers, claiming that their hosting of the mosque shooting videos constituted “promotion of violence.” Here is what Adams wrote:

In response to that imminent threat, we were forced to remove all videos that contained footage from the New Zealand shooting, even against our principles of working to protect free speech. We were also forced to temporarily suspend some accounts to prevent further posting of videos that could have resulted in us being de-platformed within hours. (Nearly all those suspensions are now being reversed.)

It is worth mentioning that Brighteon posts many videos from alternative and conservative or libertarian sources that leftist social media sites like Facebook and video-sharing sites like YouTube routinely censor or remove due to political incorrectness. And the Christchurch shooting video’s analysis has been part of the commentary posted on the site.

Since the incident on March 15th, the leftist Government of New Zealand has behaved suspiciously and rushed to announce a new gun-control law (strikes a chord?) as well as put on an exaggerated Islam-centered empathy drama in media as if the entire incident was scripted and rehearsed with the leftist goals of fast-tracked Islamization and gun control in view all the while. Not a surprise at all then that they pounce on sharing of the content, even the written “manifesto” of the alleged killer—whose face won’t be shown in videos during his court trial because a judge ordered them so.

It’s time for free-speech advocates to stand up to these neo-Nazi governments and globalist establishment that personify the tyranny Orwell warned against in 1984.


2 thoughts on “New Zealand and Australia Attack Free Speech Video Site Brighteon

  1. Brighteon is the exact same b/s youtube is. After uploading a bunch of my videos I just received this email from their mods: They only allow what they perceive as “OK”. Its censorship galore.

    Hi there,

    If the video is not shown publicly on the main page of your channel but you are able to see it under “My Videos on your dashboard then it is most likely to be delisted.

    Normally, our moderators delist videos pertaining to holocaust denial, hate speech, blasphemy and the like.


  2. Blimin nz and australia corporates are techno tyrants and more in nz against the indigenous people of nz! They always have been, since the signing of the treaty of Waitangi 1840!
    I’m also a strong believer in freedom of choice and speech.
    I take my hat off to you and have been a interested subscriber to your YouTube channel, but then you were band, so I kept searching and here you are, with all your humbling words.
    I’m glad that you have another platform where i am able to advance in the truth which is what the people want, much respect to you and your team.

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