New Law Obliges FBI to Declassify Info on Saudi Fugitives from US

New Law Obliges FBI to Declassify Info on Saudi Fugitives from US

When a Saudi Arabian offender under trial for killing an American teenage girl in Portland, OR, fled the country a year ago, the US State Department chose not to pursue extradition of the criminal whose bail was posted by the Saudi government. This was one of the long list of Saudi fugitives committing crimes in US and then fleeing back to their kingdom.

While there has been no accountability of Saudis accused and/or arrested for crimes in US over the decades, the information regarding their escape from America back to Saudi Arabia has also been largely withheld from the public. But thanks to a Democrat lawmaker, this is now going to change.

Saudi fugitives

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon led a legislation to be passed and subsequently signed by President Trump whereby federal law enforcement and intelligence will be required to make information on such cases public. The Oregonian reported that the law requires:

…the FBI —in coordination with the nation’s intelligence director— to declassify all information related to how the Saudi government may have helped accused lawbreakers leave the U.S.

“It is long past time to stop treating Saudi Arabia as if it were above the law,” Wyden was cited by the paper.

America has long allowed Saudi Arabian citizens to commit crimes on American soil and get away with them by fleeing the country. The new legislation marks a landmark step toward accountability of the Saudi fugitives coming from the oil-rich nation that is America’s key business and political ally for crimes they commit against America and Americans.

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