CoolCapture — Photography Tips: Picturing Cars and Motorbikes

CoolCapture — Photography Tips: Picturing Cars and Motorbikes

by Erica Polites 

Have you ever wanted to photograph a car or motorcycle?

Here are the first of a few keys points:

  1. You will definitely need a camera remote shutter release and a tripod. The exposure will be quite long, and you cannot have any movement while the shutter is open. Your shutter speed may potentially be open for 45 seconds, more or less.
  2. Use an F-8 through F-16 aperture setting, as your goal is to get the entire vehicle in focus.
  3. Shoot at dusk or dawn when the sun is low and there are minimal hot spots (I photograph cars and motorcycles at dusk)
  4. Shoot your vehicle at an angle, showing the front and side, and shoot from a relatively low height – this portrays the car or bike as a sexy, strong, powerful entity. Don’t go too low where you see the undercarriage.


About the Author

Erica Polites has been a professional photographer for over 18 years and has a wide range of specialties including people, vehicles, dogs, clothing, models, architecture and products. Her most recent accomplishment is a portrait book featuring shelter dogs. Her book and calendar website is, and she is currently redesigning her creative website, which should be up by the end of the year. She enjoys helping people and is very open to sharing her knowledge and offering photography tips.

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