Mother Nature, A Bridge to Conscious Living

Mother Nature, A Bridge to Conscious Living

This short book-and-journal-in-one has been lovingly put together, as readers may see, by Mary Jane Kasliner. The book has seven sections corresponding to seven phenomenal members of nature: trees, wind, sky, earth, water, fire, and mountains.mother nature

Each section of the book appreciates the respective phenomenon of nature, what we can learn from it, and a weekly journal of reflection for the reader to fill in, along with a poem themed on the same natural gift. Each section also lists a page of applications of the respective natural gift in one’s life.

For the pleasure of the reader’s eyes, each section has also a colored picture of the inspiring member of nature along with a golden quote.

The book is short enough to read in one sitting; but for those who love to write their thoughts down, the journaling part will render it a regular companion.

ISBN: 978-0986046803

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