More Cases of Measles in Australia and Pakistan, Media Hides Vaccination Status

More Cases of Measles in Australia and Pakistan, Media Hides Vaccination Status

He contracted measles. He was unaware and moved about, went shopping and dining, and could spread the infection, exposing others to it. This is what mainstream, corporate media will tell you in a typical news report about a new measles case somewhere around the world. But there is one important question these media sources ignore, or maybe they just forget to ask: Was He Vaccinated?Censored Concept with Word on Folder.

Some new cases of measles have been reported by popular media lately from Australia and Pakistan. One case in Australia that the British paper Daily Mail chose to write about on December 9th is that of a Brisbane man, who recently returned from overseas (they won’t say where) and was unaware that he was infected with measles, went shopping, potentially exposing others to the infection.

Was he vaccinated and still contracted the disease? Daily Mail wouldn’t ask, neither did 7News that the paper cited as the source of information.

Meanwhile Pakistan’s “professional” media – those that churn out propaganda on daily basis – are at vaccine-promotion and copycatting the international media’s reporting policy when writing or talking about measles and other infectious diseases. A December 10 story in the popular daily Dawn claims that 10 children have recently died due to measles in Shangla District (northern part of Khyber Pahtunkhwa province), with four falling dead over the previous 4 days from the time of the paper’s doing the story.

How many of these 10 children were vaccinated against the disease? Dawn wouldn’t ask, neither would other lamestream media in the country and abroad.

So why do these media sources ignore – or avoid – inquiring about the vaccination status of the patients or victims of measles? The answer is not difficult to guess—they likely are afraid that if the patients/victims happened to be already vaccinated and yet contracted the disease, the credibility of the vaccine as an effective preventive agent would be endangered. People will then wonder what the use of this vaccine is when it can’t prevent the disease.

Readers will note that though the media would shy away from reporting on the vaccination status of the patients/victims, they always promote the measles vaccine by claiming it can prevent them from getting infected.

It is worthwhile to mention that the recently released documentary Vaxxed that exposes the corruption in the measles vaccination research at CDC (America’s leading health science authority) has been under fire and is target of censorship in many countries under pressure of vaccine industry and their partners in governments. The film shows how the “scientists” hid from public the fact that measles vaccination raises brain damage in children, causing autism.

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