Media Posts Unverified Claims of 800 Thousands COVID Deaths in US

Media Posts Unverified Claims of 800 Thousands COVID Deaths in US

In the ongoing pandemic hoax, fake news mobs continue to make claims without evidence about people dying of COVID-19. In the United States, media are now claiming that 800,000 people have died of COVID. There is one important thing missing in their stories – evidence.

Mainstream media sources, like Newsweek, engaged in a seemingly coordinated scare campaign to claim that COVID deaths toll in the U.S. has topped 800,000. They used Johns Hopkins University as their source to make this claim, though without linking to the exact stats page.

Figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University yesterday confirmed the total number of virus-related deaths is about equal to the population of Minneapolis and Cleveland combined.

The Guardian published the same narrative with no evidence provided as to how Johns Hopkins can claim these numbers. In a believable scenario, sources will detail autopsy reports from hospitals and make sure those announced dead did not die from other illnesses or life-threatening issues even if they tested positive for COVID, though the PCR test has been shown unreliable and scientifically not valid for detecting a specific virus.

Expert epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough of Dallas, Texas, questioned the credibility of Johns Hopkins’ count of COVID deaths. He asked how the scoreboard of death count was getting its numbers instantaneously as the average death certificate takes 6 weeks to be issued to a doctor.

The video of Dr. McCullough questioning the media and the COVID stats from Johns Hopkins is being shared on free speech social media sites like

The collusion of health authorities and media has been exposed numerous times for falsely claiming different variants to further the manufactured pandemic hoax since early 2020. In July, the CDC was caught erasing numbers of deaths reported following COVID vaccination. The agency deleted the original numbers displayed on their website and replaced them with half those numbers to make the COVID vaccines look less deadly.

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