Measles Death: Vaccination Failed to Protect Woman from Measles Virus

Measles Death: Vaccination Failed to Protect Woman from Measles Virus

Advocates of vaccines suffered another blow to their claims of vaccine efficacy when the vaccination status of the woman claimed to have died of measles was reveled: she was vaccinated against measles!CDC vaccine

While the diagnosis of the cause of her death was shady and obtrusively agenda-driven, her vaccination status was at first from publication kept (as was her name). The Washington woman reportedly never developed symptoms of measles and she had a number of other health issues and a compromised immune system.

So in absence of any scientific evidence, the Washington state’s health department went on to declare measles as the cause of her death. The NBC story cited above wrote:” Officials said the woman’s death shows the value of vaccines.” How could it show the value of vaccines when the woman’s vaccination status wasn’t known?

Well it’s known now, and as Daily Mail informs, she was vaccinated against measles. The story, like previous ones about the case, repeats that her immune system was compromised because of the medications she was taking for her other diseases. The knowledge of her vaccination status has left vaccination advocates at a loss of reason (if they ever had any). The vaccine failed to protect her!

This is of course not to say that the cause of her death as fed to the public by the state’s health department should be accepted without critical speculation. The “experts” would need to show scientific evidence that the pneumonia that allegedly caused her death was caused by measles virus despite the knowledge that she didn’t develop symptoms of measles – and she should have if her immune system was seriously compromised for then it could not hold the measles virus back from causing the disease.

Above all, this case shows the desperation of the medical-government authorities to scare people into trusting into vaccine efficacy as well as mainstream media’s policy of misinforming people in interests of certain groups. And of course, for people show blindly follow such claims, the case if a litmus test proving their ignorance of science, lack of reason, and overall stupidity.

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