Liberals a Threat to Freedom of Thought and Expression in Fiction

Liberals a Threat to Freedom of Thought and Expression in Fiction

Freedom is integral to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of literature, whether fiction, poetry, or non-fiction. In today’s “liberal” societies, however, this quality of literature is under attack.

Renowned American author Lionel Shriver recently cautioned fellow fiction writers of the damaging nature of politically correct fiction. And as a writer I couldn’t agree more.

In contemporary United States, the left/liberal side has been capitalizing on race-baiting for many years, and particularly over the past two years of Obama’s presidency. The left acts like a mirror image of religious fundamentalists that were angry, offended, and vengeful over liberties of writers who dared expressed their “blasphemous” thoughts. They (the liberal left) are offended, angry, and vengeful if they see any mention of concepts or words that they hate, even if the writer is not advocating it but just presenting as part of history or situation.

Ironically, liberalism that arose out of the need for free speech and in name of liberties is now a political force that is rooted in brainwashing, indoctrination, and censorship., whether in science, arts, or in humanities and literature. Lionel Shriver’s call is timely, important, and worthy of respect and attention.

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