Let’s Dive Deep Into Renewable Energy!

Let’s Dive Deep Into Renewable Energy!

by Daniel Bell

If you’re one of our readers, we’re sure you already know quite a lot about renewable energy. Hopefully, you’re using it in your homes to power your appliances, your lights and anything else in the property. But do you know how it works? Well, let’s find out.

Wind Energy

If you have a small wind turbine on your property or your energy company uses renewable power, you might be interested to learn how it creates electricity. It’s actually remarkably simple how these devices operate. The wind spins three propellers on the turbine around, and this creates kinetic energy. That energy is caught by a rotor that travels down the shaft of the turbine. At this point, it spins a generator and creates your electricity. How cool is that?

Wave Energy

A machine that is able to exploit wave energy is commonly referred to as a WEC or wave energy converter. There is a lot of different tech used for wave energy. One of the most basic is the point absorber buoy. The point absorber buoy works quite simply by floating on the surface of the water. As waves rise the buoy, it creates energy because it’s connected to hydraulic pumps. These pumps then create hydroelectricity.

Solar Power

Finally, solar power has become quite popular as a form of energy in the commercial and public market. The infographic below highlights exactly how it works and why you should be using them on your home today. Solar panels could save you a fortune in electric charges and save the environment at the same time!

Infographic designed by Semper Solaris

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