Judicial Tyranny: Michigan Mom Jailed for Refusing to Vaccinate Son

Judicial Tyranny: Michigan Mom Jailed for Refusing to Vaccinate Son

It’s not coming; it’s here—the vaccine Nazism enforced via none else but the judicial swamp. Yes, I am talking about the recent imprisonment of a Michigan mother who has been sent to jail for a week—her crime: refusing to vaccinate her son.

The case that has made every sane parent cringe and/or outraged and worrying for their children now happened in Detroit area where a mom of a 9-year-old boy was sentenced to a week in prison by a judge named Judge Karen McDonald. The mom, Rebecca Bredow, was sentenced to 7 days in jail because she had refused to vaccinate her son while her ex-husband wanted the boy to be vaccinated.

Despite Rebecca Bredow being the primary custodian of the child, Judge McDonald openly sided with the husband and ordered Rebecca to vaccinate the child. Apparently under pressure, she agreed to do so but then resumed her refusing stance arguing it is against her beliefs. Even when threatened with imprisonment, the brave woman stood her ground and chose to go to jail instead of complying the openly unjust order.

The case is a new red alert to those who believe in parental rights and oppose vaccine tyranny. The enforcement of pharmaceutical Nazi scheme via judges is a shameful new low, probably the first in America as parents don’t get imprisoned for refusing to vaccinate in this country (it does happen though in failed states).

A petition has been launched in support of Rebecca Bredow, addressing both Judge Karen McDonald and MI governor Rick Snyder to free Rebecca Bredow and end her unlawful imprisonment now. The petition has got over 1800 signatures so far and is looking at 2000 signatures as its target.

Sign the petition here.

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