Islamic Terrorists Stab British Teens as Most World Media Goes Quiet

Islamic Terrorists Stab British Teens as Most World Media Goes Quiet

It was one of the most terrifying and violent attack on four British teenagers, and it was openly racist. But the way the mainstream media in America blacked out on it speaks volumes of the deep political ties between Leftist media mobs and radical Islamic terrorists.

The incident which happened in Rochdale, England, was reported in British media and a few other outlets. Voice of Europe reported on it thus:

A teenage arborist had his hand chopped off with an ax after an armed gang of twenty racist migrants targeted a group of four white British teen workers, calling them ‘white bastards’ in Rochdale, England.

The attack was launched by a Muslim Habibur Rahman, aged 27, who gathered a mob of 20 friends to attack the white British teenagers because they called him out for shouting abuses at an elderly woman. The gang used knives, machetes, a hammer, and an axe to attack the teenagers. With serious wounds more than one of the young men, the terrorists were driven away when one of the teens grabbed a chainsaw and brandished at them in self-defense.

With these details, particularly the shouting of racial slur at the young British guys, the deafening silence of leftist propaganda media mobs on this story is too revealing to ignore. The affiliation of liberal propaganda media gangs and on-ground Islamic terrorist groups is no secret anymore. Their silence on this heinous, racist crime adds to the evidence that journalism is a fake label used by the left-wing propaganda cartels catering to terror groups and Islamist agenda.

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