Is It COVID 19 or Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

Is It COVID 19 or Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

Experienced fever, cough, night sweats, fatigue, and loss of appetite? You may be led into believing it’s COVID, but doctors in Britain are learning it’s another disease that has resurfaced lately: pulmonary tuberculosis.

This past Thursday, Daily Express published a story about the rising number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in the UK. Dr. Padmasayee Papineni of Ealing Hospital in West London was quoted:

When people are having a cough during the pandemic, they’re calling NHS 111 and told their symptoms are Covid related rather than TB.

In other words, instead of taking standard medical procedures for actual diagnosis of the disease, people are just being told it’s COVID when their actual disease is pulmonary tuberculosis. How far and wide is this happening elsewhere in UK and the world? One can only imagine. But the story makes the extremely important revelation that the tuberculosis – considered a disease of the past – is actually right here; people are getting it, and experiencing the exact symptoms diagnostic of COVID.

Radiology Key details the nature of tuberculosis, its types, and symptoms. The main symptoms of fever, cough, night sweats, and fatigue overlap the symptoms of COVID 19. Pulmonary tuberculosis particularly affects the lungs and causes persistent cough – lasting at least 3 weeks – and shortness of breath. Chest X-Rays and CT Scan are used to diagnose pulmonary TB. But how many doctors around the world have applied those diagnostic procedures to patients with the symptoms in order to ascertain the disease instead of just testing for COVID with the discredited PCR test?

Wrong diagnosis is the foundation of the so-called COVID 19 pandemic. The story about pulmonary tuberculosis confirms the medical malpractice and violation of scientific principles in mainstream medical practice today as seen in refusal to follow diagnostic procedures so as to label every disease with symptoms of fever and cough as COVID 19.

It is no surprise that the Daily Express story has not been reprinted by other media and the spread of pulmonary tuberculosis is being pushed under the rug in order to serve the vaccine mafia and the globalist establishment. All the more reason to distrust the medical mafia and the propaganda media mobs.

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