Infant Dies in India after Receiving Polio Vaccine

Infant Dies in India after Receiving Polio Vaccine

A 7-month-old infant in India died soon after she was administered the oral polio vaccine while 6 other children of the family were hospitalized for being sick after the vaccination.POLIO VACCINE

The incident was reported from the state of Bihar where the infant along with other children were administered oral polio vaccine (OPV). All children in the family fell sick and the 7-month-old girl died on Saturday morning while the rest are reportedly better now after being treated at a government hospital.

As commonly observed in vaccine-related deaths, authorities have started to cover up possible causal connection between the vaccine and the death by calling it a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID) while in another story, an immunization officer was quoted claiming that the baby died of cold.

Indeed it calls for serious skepticism of the claims made by the authorities when they conflict and are being offered prior to any medical investigation to determine the cause. The fact that more than one child fell sick after receiving the drops also points to causal connection between the polio vaccine and the baby’s death.

It is worth remembering the OPV was “discontinued” in America about 15 years ago because of its risk of causing vaccine-derived polio, medically termed as vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP).

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