Immigrants and Environment – ‘Media’ and ‘Researchers’ All Quiet

Immigrants and Environment – ‘Media’ and ‘Researchers’ All Quiet

Leftist globalists are ultra-pushy on both immigration—legal and illegal—and environmental protection. Ironically, the two are mutually antithetical. No wonder then that the “research” on environmental impact of migrants to more developed countries is not in your daily dose of “news”.

No wonder then that propaganda media steers away from talking about immigrants and environment. One should acknowledge however that the silence over this problem is more on the media’s side than on research as there have been more than one ventures into this uncomfortable, yet extremely important topic. I bet the big tech is already working to remove/obscure as many of these works as it can. One early work of research from the ‘90s available online is The Environmental Impact Of Immigration Into The United States. Interestingly, while it finds migration adversely affecting the environment of the United States, the paper essentially blames the American lifestyle of consumerism adapted by the migrants for the damage done to the environment. So it was politically slanted to the leftist view back then as well.

In a 2010 article, Migration Watch UK had some eye-opening points about immigrants and environment that would beat liberals in their rhetoric of carbon-emissions and the environmental crisis.

Over the entire 19 years between 1991 to 2009, as a direct result of net migration, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the UK increased by almost 190 million tonnes of CO2, equivalence. Taking into account the indirect impact of immigration caused primarily by higher fertility amongst some groups of settled migrants, the total increase in the ‘carbon footprint’ may be up to 285 million tonnes of carbon.

With the advent of social media and independent journalism working via the Internet, mostly blogosphere, the horrors of immigrant pollution are getting in the observation of the layman. Migrants from less civilized places—in crude terms “shithole countries” (or SH countries for short) —bring their dirty lifestyle to the cleaner developed countries. The reports from streets of San Francisco, California, have been conveniently ignored by leftist mainstream media. But it’s public knowledge, and nauseating to the original residents of those places.

And in the age of illegals arriving as “asylum-seekers” and “refugees” in the west, the destruction of environment is painfully visible –at least to those who are looking at the environment, not at the ballot boxes in the next election. This story on Liberty Headlines shows a glimpse of the dirt brought by illegals at the Arizona border.

Not only does the physical environment gets destroyed by mass migration of people from SH countries but the social environment gets the same fate. Globalist-sponsored migrants not only enter the country with a right to benefits, but also a right to exercise their culture of hostility toward the natives, getting offended by the religious and cultural practices of the natives, and an insensitivity to the general clean-and-calm rule of the life in the developed places.

Yet, the leftists have tried to not only not talk about the disturbingly obvious link between immigrants and environment, they seem to have also attempted to tell people that migrants don’t cause environmental problems. One such attempt is seen in a 2011 Springer Link research that finds no rise in air pollution levels caused by migration. Any surprises? No? Let’s have one—both authors of this “research” are sociologists. And, Springer Link is selling this “research” for 35 euros.

Still not surprised?



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