Hillary Clinton’s Trump Videos Claim Takes Lying to New Heights

Hillary Clinton’s Trump Videos Claim Takes Lying to New Heights

Lawyers and politicians have long been known as chronic liars, but the most famous, or infamous, politician that has become associated with lying is Hillary Clinton. Her recent statement about Donald Trump videos being used by ISIS to recruit people has taken the practice of public lying to a new level.clinton-emails

Earning titles of liar and “Killary” for her never-ending Ben Ghazi email scandal wherein she wiped her server to delete the emails that are still being retrieved and made public, Mrs. Clinton – the frontrunner Democrat for next year’s presidential elections – claimed in her recent presidential debate that ISIS is showing videos of Donald Trump to recruit militants.

The statement led to a backlash from critics and Trump himself who called Hillary – guess what – yes, a lair. National Review went on to title Hillary’s case as “Habitual Liar Lies Habitually”. The article didn’t spare Trump either and called him a liar but Hillary’s claim about such video made the publication say that “All Clintons are liars”!

Interestingly, this comes at a time when the Obama admin itself is under investigation for helping ISIS.

Who comes out the winner in this lying game is left to time and audience judgment but at the moment, Hillary Clinton definitely is in the lead.

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