How to Stay in Shape This Holiday Season

How to Stay in Shape This Holiday Season

by Daniel Bell

It’s important to stay healthy over the holiday season. You know what they say, a summer body is made in the winter! Therefore, it’s important not to start slacking with the gym. Make sure that you’re still working out wherever it may be to keep yourself in shape! Here’s a handy how-to guide.stay-fit

Go Ice Skating

Going skating is super fun and makes you feel incredibly Christmassy, too! The best part is, after an hour on the ice you could have burned a ton of calories. This is a great activity to do with your partner or the kids – or both! If you take it seriously enough and really get moving around the rink, then you’ll be in for some serious weight loss. Don’t cling on to the barrier the whole time – get skating! You’ll be surprised by how many calories you can burn. If you enjoyed it, it might be worth going again. Swap out your girly catch up in the coffee house to do an hour’s skating. I’m sure your friend would love this change in scenery! That way, you’re burning calories instead of eating cakes and cookies along with your coffee. If you want to treat yourself after all your hard work, you can always go for a hot chocolate afterwards!

Drink In Moderation

Christmas is a great excuse to drink loads! But don’t feel like you can just booze up without feeling the consequences. Alcohol can make you put on a lot of weight, especially if you’re exceeding your limit at the work Christmas party! So, be sure to drink in moderation. It’s important to relax and join in. Don’t be boring by depriving yourself of alcohol altogether, you might need it to deal with certain relatives after all! Just be sure to have one or two drinks and not go overboard. That way, you’ll feel fit enough to hit the gym the next day and get into shape. Plus, you won’t be gaining any weight. Nice one! However, you might be really concerned about piling on the pounds and can’t go without your alcohol this holiday season. If so, then consider dieting to get into shape once the festivities are over.

Plan Your Workouts

Making sure to draw up a proper plan of when you’re going to work out is essential for the holiday season. No doubt you parents will have organized a ton of family get-togethers which you’ll be expected to attend! Don’t get in trouble by skipping these once-a-year events just for an hour in the gym, plan around them. Try and align your rest day to coincide with a family event. That way, you’re still sticking to your schedule without bothering anybody. If you know that you’re going out the night before a scheduled workout, consider doing it the day before if you’ve got it free. That way, you can truly maximize your time in the gym, and you won’t be sweating out the horrible stench of alcohol!

Hopefully, these tips will help to keep you in shape this holiday season. Christmas shouldn’t have to derail all of your hard work, and it’s relatively easy to plan around your routine. Soon you’ll have that summer body that you’ve been working hard over winter for. Good luck!

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