Gravitational Waves’ Discovery Questioned by Independent International Scientists

Gravitational Waves’ Discovery Questioned by Independent International Scientists

Last year when mainstream propaganda media ran the “news” of detection of gravitational waves, I expressed my skepticism of the claim here on Word Matters in a blog Claims of First-Ever Detection of Gravitational Waves. Now, international scientists are practically raising questions that are important and serious, and may even undermine the alleged detection of gravitational waves.

Led by Andrew Jackson of Denmark’s Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, a team of independent scientists have examined the data shared by LIGO Observatory—the people who claimed detecting gravitational waves—and have found what they call Strange Noise in the data, thus sparking a debate over whether the signal detected was indeed that kicked off by a gravitational wave.

Given that the academic-pseudoscience mafia has already accepted the “discovery” of the gravitational waves without independent verification and critical inquiry, what are the odds that the establishment scientists backing the discovery will actually consider the contradictory claim or even allow such an inquiry? My guess is—next to zero.

Just lately, the LIGO researchers were awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics, the one they give now to every establishment puppet branded as a researcher or scientist. How dramatic would that be to see these and more independent researchers critically scrutinize the data and records and find what really is out there, or lack thereof?

Of course, not to miss in this game of theoretical physics the role of mainstream propaganda media cartels. This questioning of gravitational waves’ discovery should have been the headline of the day, but how many propaganda mobs are actually beating the drum over it? Speaks volumes!

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