Fully Vaccinated people Getting COVID, Medical Clowns Left Embarrassed

Fully Vaccinated people Getting COVID, Medical Clowns Left Embarrassed

The fake science of vaccination has been exposed like never before as in case of the COVID vaccine sold to people to prevent the so-called COVID 19. People are testing positive for COVID 19 even after getting fully vaccinated with the COVID shots.

The story published in Star Tribune today reports that 89 people fully vaccinated with the COVID shots have tested positive for COVID 19. This embarrassing failure of the vaccine effectiveness promise got medical mafia’s mouthpieces groping for face-saving. So one doc, named Dr. Andrew Olson, was cited saying:

Yes people get COVID, but people in general do overall better.

To pump the drama some more, the propaganda machinery has for some reason called these breakthrough cases. In other words, if the vaccine fails to protect you from COVID, it’s a breakthrough. Enough to give you a laugh at the medical circus’s fumbles on the daily show of health tightrope? Wait for more. State infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann said this to save the painted face of the medical clowns.

We should not be fooled into seeing such a case as a reason to doubt the vaccine effectiveness.

What the clowns are not telling us is how many of these fully vaccinated patients have been tested for COVID 19 and how frequently. It’s obvious they don’t want the vaccinated tested; or at least the news outlets not updating on such testing, because the more vaccinated people end up testing positive for COVID, the more air the health circus balloon loses.

The failure of the COVID vaccine was also reported from Hawaii on Monday where three people fully vaccinated against the alleged disease tested positive for it, The New York Post reported.

In all three cases, the patients did not become severely ill — and it does not appear they transmitted the virus to anyone else, the state Department of Health said.

What the health department did not say, of course, was what scientific proof they are offering to claim the patients did not transmit COVID elsewhere. The convenient use of “did not appear to” is hardly any help, in case the health clowns wanted to know what skeptics would think of their statement. And the so-called COVID 19 is predominantly a very mild and benign disease anyways.

The pathetic failure of the COVID vaccine speaks volumes of the quackery that millions of people were fooled into believing in a pandemic which never existed. Thanks to the vaccine mafia, they are proving us right.

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