Ft. Lauderdale Million Maskless March & Mask Burning

Ft. Lauderdale Million Maskless March & Mask Burning

The people are voicing their rejection of the government control and medical mafia’s tyranny imposed on them in the form of mask mandate using the ongoing hoax of a COVID pandemic as justification. Like many parts of the world, free-spirited people in America are demonstration maskless protests and public mask burning. An upcoming protest march and mask burning rally is scheduled for April 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The details of the event, which is organized by ReOpen South Florida, UnMasking America and the Libertarian Party of Broward County, were shared in a post on Free Florida on March 29. Rally organizer Chris Nelson wrote in the post:

You are invited to the Million Maskless March and Mask Burning, Saturday April 10, 2021 at 3pm at the Corner of A1A and Las Olas in Ft Lauderdale! April 10 marks one year of mask tyranny in Broward County and we will mark that date with a celebration of freedom!

Demonstrators will carry signs against mask mandate and vaccine requirements. The event post specifies that this is a non partisan event but ALL political signs and flags are welcome!

The event ends at 5:00 pm. For details and any questions regarding participation in the event, contact Chris Nelson: 954-380-0200.

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