Joke Science: Putting Masks on Cows to Catch Methane in Burps

Joke Science: Putting Masks on Cows to Catch Methane in Burps

The pathological onslaught of fake environmental science on humanity is growing worse by the day. In the latest instance of such mental regression, greenhouse alarmists have come up with another hilarious idea: putting masks on cows.

You heard it right. This joke science looks to mask cows with the goal of minimizing the effects of their burps on the environment. Hold your laughter, as the joke gets out of its “scientific” wrapper. reported on Saturday that a U.K.-based startup, ZELP, has developed burp-catching masks for cows in an effort to lower the spread the greenhouse gas emissions.

The “mask” developed by them happens to be a “muzzle-like contraption” with the alleged function to convert methane into water and carbon dioxide before releasing it into the air.

The mask is also capable of detecting when a particular animal is in heat, what the animal’s GPS location is and real-time monitoring of the oxidized methane.

The joke science then throws out a general comparative statistic that methane is 86 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Of course, the story doesn’t include any scientific details of how much carbon dioxide will be produced from how much of the methane in a cow’s burp. Not to mention the water vapor content – which mnany probably don’t know is the

Using corrupt and biased sources in any scientific discussion is a bad idea and the story about the plan for cow masks stands guilty of it. It says:

Livestock animals are responsible for contributing nearly 15 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

United Nations’ science for sure! This after they cite The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a source for methane versus carbon dioxide – that is a United Nations “for assessing the science related to climate change.”

The idea of conversion of methane to carbon dioxide is ridiculous since the biggest culprit according to the same climate alarmists is carbon dioxide – not to mention the water vapor which itself is a greenhouse gas and arguably more potent than carbon dioxide.

Fake science frequently abuses animals and muzzling cows to catch their burps is just one example of how ideological garbage can be wrapped as science and put sanctions on the very basic natural life process of breathing. As for the United Nations, all their financial records will need to be closely monitored to learn what they got in exchange for imposing masks firs on people and now about to do so on animals.

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