Corrupt and Criminal CDC Votes to Impose COVID Shots on Children

Corrupt and Criminal CDC Votes to Impose COVID Shots on Children

The corrupt and discredited corporation – CDC – that has shown itself to be the enemy number one of Americans’ health and safety has again made the shameful and criminal move expected of it. The agency’s committee on immunization voted to include the useless and dangerous COVID-19 vaccines to the list of vaccines recommended for child immunizations for all children aged 6 months and older.

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted unanimously to recommend COVID-19 to be included in the 2023 childhood immunization schedule. As The Gateway Pundit wrote:

The vote is not a mandate, but when state or local authorities form their school/activity requirements, they often cite the CDC’s schedule.

So the CDC vote is paving the way for state and local authorities to make the dangerous COVID shots a requirement for children to go to school – the very familiar pharmaceutical dictation that has been destroying children’s health for decades. This comes on top of the historic scientific fraud of a COVID pandemic and the disgraceful approval of COVID vaccines despite all the life-threatening risks associated with it – not to mention its failure in preventing and/or transmitting any infections.

Where does it stop? Can the federally funded CDC that operates above the law and accountability be stopped from destroying children’s lives? On a state level, there is hope. Pro-freedom leaders like Florida’s Governor DeSantis who, after the CDC vote, reiterated his commitment to prevent mandatory vaccination in his state.

Pro-freedom and transparency organizations like Stand for Health Freedom are also fighting to stop the corrupt federal health authorities from imposing vaccines on people or deceiving the public into taking the shots using questionable or outright fake science. In an email update to subscribers, Stand for Health Freedom wrote:

It doesn’t matter what the CDC did today, nor how sneaky they were in folding these experimental shots into the routine schedule. It is critical that Americans elect candidates who will protect informed consent and parental rights.

Medical expert Dr. Peter Mccullough commented on OAN that there is no justification for this COVID vaccination program; it should be dropped; and parents should decline the vaccination for the sake of their children.

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