Exposed: Study Finding No Vaccine-Autism Link Not Independent

Exposed: Study Finding No Vaccine-Autism Link Not Independent

The ad-revenue-driven media has promoted the bogus science of vaccination to make it a scientific fact than a business. The vaccine-autism link has been a topic of debate for decades. Study after study is being published to show there is no risk of autism associated with the measles vaccine. But those studies finding safe vaccine are subject to serious speculation too. The reason is neutrality.CDC vaccine

Take the recent study for example, published in JAMA. It played with stats as usually “research” does these days. And it found measles vaccine safe with no increased risk of autism. Soon after the study’s publication, it became a headline. What didn’t become a headline, and would likely never become one, is the question on the neutrality of the study. But it’s not a secret anymore either.

Sharyattkisson analyzed the study in question and pointed to the clash of interest in this “research”. According to her commentary, the study was sponsored by The Lewin Group – a consulting firm that has major vaccine-manufacturers as clients. Not only that, the parent company of this firm is a key partner in Obamacare! How quickly dots are connected – you can do your own math.

So there goes the credibility of another “research” – the kind that has put medical science to shame and research in general to public distrust. It is worth mentioning here that CDC whistleblower William Thompson admitted manipulating statistics on his boss’s orders to make a major MMR vaccine-autism study look safe for vaccination. To do so, he admitted omitting significant data that showed an increased risk of autism associated with the measles vaccine. The case was tucked under the rug and Thompson was neither terminated nor did he resign from CDC. Connect the rest of the dots.


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