Expected Date of Decision on CDC Grand Jury Petition

Expected Date of Decision on CDC Grand Jury Petition

by Stand for Health Freedom

We have had several requests for an update on the grand jury petition efforts. Since we last interviewed Dr. Ealy, the government is trying to make the CDC Grand Jury investigation go away by asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed.  Dr. Henry Ealy and the two Oregon senators are not giving up.

The government argued that Americans cannot make a prosecutor bring a case for investigation. But they missed the point, say plaintiffs. Americans have a First Amendment right to petition the government directly. In fact, the prosecutor cannot bring this case anymore because they have already failed to do so and are now acting as lawyers for the the Government in this case. The Grand Jury is meant to protect against exactly this kind of government corruption through direct citizen participation.

Senators from Oregon with Dr. Henry Ealy “took extraordinary measures” to inform US Attorneys in all fifty states before they resorted to court action to assert their right to petition the government under the First Amendment. They have been met with obstacles all along the way but they are committed to exhausting all avenues on this important matter.

You can find updates, documents, and next steps at Stand for Health Freedom’s CDC Investigation page. If you haven’t done so yet, sign our petition to get a Grand Jury to take up the sword of justice for the American people.

We could hear a decision from the court as early as the end of September if there is no oral argument, but that is the earliest possible time for more information.

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