Diet and Exercise Tracking With Gadgets

Diet and Exercise Tracking With Gadgets

by Samantha Greenbaum

In this day and age, it seems as if there is an app for just about anything. Apps that let you take photos? Check. Apps fitness appsthat let you play video games? Check. Apps that tell you the winning lottery numbers before the actual drawing? Well, hopefully technology is working on that one.

The world of healthy eating and exercise has also jumped onto the app bandwagon. There are several online stores filled with apps that help you track things like caloric consumption, weight loss, and exercise.

The following are a few apps that might be worth downloading, particularly if you are planning on uploading a fitter, healthier you.

All-In Yoga by Plus Sports

Per CNN, this app is available for between $1.99 and $3.99 and offers users 300 different yoga poses. The how-to’s and instructions are modeled by an actual person, rather than a computer-generated icon, allowing for more complete comprehension. This, coupled with the separation of poses by level and type, makes this app suitable for yoga novices and veterans alike.

The CarbLovers Diet by

Cutting carbs may be all the rage, but most of us find that our love for sugars makes a breakup with carbohydrates one we don’t want to endure. However, with the CarbLovers Diet app, users are able to not only monitor calories, but they are also offered several tasty and healthy recipes geared towards those who aren’t afraid to admit their forbidden affection for all things starch.

Lose It

According to Woman’s Day, this app offers virtually everything you need to track weight loss, including food information, calorie tracking, and customized diet plans. The Lose It app can also connect you with a support system and offers the ability to scan the bar codes (and nutritional info) of the food you eat.

The iHeart Rate Monitor by End Loop

This app helps you track your resting and exercise heart rate and then helps you figure out things like calories burned and BMI. It also offers daily reminders, helping you to consistently track your heart rate.


If the idea of buying a gym membership causes you to panic, the iFitness app is a great alternative. For $1.99, this app offers 230 strength training exercises, including instructions and diagrams for ease of use.


For many of us, eating healthy can be tricky; it is much harder to cook a healthy meal than cruise into a drive thru and purchase an unhealthy one. Thankfully, this app helps take the hassle out of healthy eating by providing loads of nutritional recipes and simple directions. It is perfect for those who want to lose weight or simply infuse their body with better nutrients.

iTreadmill from iTunes

If you are one of those people who prefers walking outside to the monotony of an indoor treadmill, this app comes in quite handy. Not only does it serve as a pedometer by counting your steps, it also tracks the distance you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned.

The above apps, and the many more available, are designed to make a healthy lifestyle a bit easier to adopt. They won’t do the hard work for you, but they will make the hard work seem a little bit easier.

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Samantha Greenbaum is a health-conscious mother of two. If you’re an avid exerciser and iPad user, Samantha suggests trying the Kensignton iPad keyboard to transform your favorite tablet to a makeshift laptop whenever and wherever you are.

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