Deadly Terror Attack in Pakistan Raises Questions about Government and Army

Deadly Terror Attack in Pakistan Raises Questions about Government and Army

More than one year after the terrifying massacre of children at the Army Public School in Peshawar, another educational institution saw the same terror today. This time it’s the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Peshawar’s neighboring city.Background with gun gun and blood spots

At least 4 heavily armed terrorists stormed the university on Wednesday and started shooting at the students and staff there. Different sources reported various number of victims, mostly 19 to 30. Aljazeera reported 20 deaths—of students and a professor—noting that the death toll is expected to rise to as high as 40.

While the Pakistan’s military claimed it killed the four gunmen that attacked the university, the claim remains unverified and no photos or identities of the terrorists claimed to be gunned down have been shared with public or subject to independent verification.

A major English daily of the country, The Nation, has published an article asking for the need to raise questions about the commitment or efficiency of Pakistan’s military in the wake of the APS attack that happened under its nose. The article also points to government’s failure in curbing terrorism and not doing anything beyond issuing statements of condolence and condemnation.

A video of a TV channel doing live coverage outside the university at the time of the attack shows helpers crying for ambulance repeating that there are no ambulances for the injured.

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