Dangerous Obama: Americans Reject President’s Refugee Plan

Dangerous Obama: Americans Reject President’s Refugee Plan

Both American people and lawmakers have heavily rejected President Obama’s plan to take in thousands of Syrian refugees and get them settled in US. At the same time Obama has been called “dangerous” by a popular radio show host.Barack Obama

It was Rush Limbaugh who called Obama a threat on Wednesday on his widely followed radio talk show. Limbaugh, a staunch critic of Obama admin, was discussing the President’s determination to force his plan of opening borders to refugees amidst FBI’s confession that it is unable to do the necessary background checks on Syrian refugees.

On the public front, a fresh Bloomberg poll found that majority of Americans are against accepting Syrian refugees as proposed by Obama. Two-thirds of the Americans participating in the poll reportedly rejected taking all Syrian refugees without careful screening. The poll comes just a day after Honduras arrested five Syrians heading to US with stolen passports.

In the House of Representatives today, a significant number of Democrats sided with Republicans in passing a bill that stops the flow of Syrian refugees the way Obama wants. The bill requires FBI and National Intelligence clearance prior to letting any Iraqi and Syrian refugees in the country.

But does it matter to Obama what the lawmakers and/or American people want or expect of him? Observation tells otherwise. Obama has a record of using his presidential authority to impose his plans and beliefs on the American people, often with the support of his party members, but sticking to his convictions regardless of others’ reservations.

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