COVID 19 Vaccine Study in ‘The Lancet’ Shows Compromised Science

COVID 19 Vaccine Study in ‘The Lancet’ Shows Compromised Science

The novel coronavirus disease hoax is getting exposed every passing day not by the fudged numbers in testing and mortality but also by the compromised nature of studies rushing for a new vaccine. Such a study reported yesterday by Euronews is worth giving a critical look.

The study published in The Lancet, which by now has been exposed more than once for bias and incompetence, finds one of the new vaccines for COVID 19 safe and effective. The methodology and core concept of the study both fit the garden-variety misleading narrative, namely that if a substance makes an immune system produce antibodies it means qualifies for prevention of the disease. In reality, the release of antibodies by the immune system simply means the body is under attack by a pathogen/foreign substance (protein). Basic biology!

Aside from the faulty, third-rate “science” of this study, the conflict of interest of multiple authors who published this in The Lancet is notably revealing. Of the 32 people credited as authors of the study, 10 have declared some form of conflict of interest. This includes the lead (first) author Pedro M Folegatti of the Jenner Institute at the Oxford University. Folegatti is declared to work as a consultant at the British vaccine manufacturer Vaccitech. That is a huge conflict of interest. Any connection of a key researcher to a manufacturer, marketer, or seller of a product that one is working on – even if it’s not the same brand of product but generally falls in that category – should instantly raise eyebrows. But not so in today’s compromised “science”!

The other nine authors are connected financially and career-wise to different pharmaceutical companies and organizations that produce and/or sell vaccines, including the World Health Organization (WHO). And five of them are marked with an asterisk (*) symbol on the published paper, indicating that they contributed equally as the lead/first author.

How did “science” get to this point not one but multiple “researchers” are on-record for financial and other ties with the vaccine industry while designing and conducting studies about a vaccine? And then it becomes a published “peer-reviewed” vaccine study in a so-called respectable medical journal. You’d wonder who these “peer” are and how are they related to the industry.

The British COVID 19 vaccine study in question is beyond pathetic and good for nothing else but a bitter laugh at the brutal serialized murder of science that has been repeatedly committed in broad daylight for decades now.

3 thoughts on “COVID 19 Vaccine Study in ‘The Lancet’ Shows Compromised Science

  1. I can barely hide my disgust for how biased you are. You completely simplify the role of medical consulting down to a form that fits your agenda. Nevermind that researchers only consult for specific, short term projects and make all of this public, the Lancet is the premier peer-reviewed journal in the world. So either the elite medical scientific community of thousands is involved in a systematic fraudulent scheme to fool people or you don’t know what on Earth about you’re talking.

    1. You are free to express your disgust. I don’t give a damn. I know what “medical consulting” does and yes you said it right it’s that “specific, short term projects” thing but involving big bucks – the part that is not made public and which you would leave out because of your agenda. The Lancet is a corporate rag and has been exposed multiple times. As for those “thousands involved in fraudulent scheme to fool people” unfortunately it’s hundreds of thousands, rather millions of criminal quacks that are destroying people and public health.

      Oh yeah I know what I am saying and also how to defend what I say.

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