Petition for Restoring Indiana Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM

Petition for Restoring Indiana Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM

By engaging in riots and assaults on law enforcement as well as civilians, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has become a major risk for peace and safety in America. Thousands of people are now supporting a priest who called out BLM and was suspended for it.

Fr. Theodore Rothrock of Lafayette, Indiana, called BLM rioters “maggots and parasites” and “serpents in the garden” in an online post to his parish’s website. And while he was absolutely correct. In figurative terms, the BLM criminals are very much the kind of harmful vermin that destroy the peace and beauty of one’s home and neighborhood.

BLM critic Fr. Theodore Rothrock
Fr. Theodore Rothrock

However, Bishop Timothy Doherty went on to suspend Fr. Theodore Rothrock from the parish for this denunciation of BLM along with ANTIFA and other criminals. This led to protests in support of Fr. Rothrock.

On LifeSite News, a petition was launched to call on Bishop Doherty to restore Fr. Rothrock to a position of leadership within the Diocese. The petition stands by Fr. Rothrock’s strongly worded statement and points to the vicious display of violence and hateful ideology of BLM.

Black Lives Matter is not a friend of the Church and any priest or bishop who thinks otherwise is being deceived, or allowing himself to be deceived or bullied. This is not just an abstraction! This is a serious threat to Christianity and democracy, which needs to be met with strong opposition.

The petition has received nearly 41K signatures so far. Glenn Beck’s July 2nd commentary on Fr. Rothrock’s case was posted as a video to YouTube (included below).

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