Politically Incorrect Study on 5G and COVID Infection Retracted by Journal

Politically Incorrect Study on 5G and COVID Infection Retracted by Journal

In the wake of the COVID 19 hoax, corporate science has been widely exercising censorship and suppression of information that runs counter to their political/corporate agenda. Retracting scientific studies, which they don’t like, published in peer-reviewed journals is one major tactic the orchestrators of this corona hoax exercise actively.

In the latest act of censorship via retraction of research, a paper relating coronavirus infection to 5G technology has been withdrawn quickly from the journal that published it. The paper titled “5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells” by M Fioranelli et al was published in the Journal of Biological Regulators (Volume 34, No. 4) earlier this month). It quickly came under fire by critics, who trashed it as “nonsense”.

Then the paper seems to have disappeared quickly and silently as it was withdrawn by the journal, likely after popular independent journalist and broadcaster Alex Jones included reference to it in his Sunday (July 26) show. The video of the show is included below (the reference to the paper being at 44:00 minutes into the video).

The journal retracting the paper without announcing the reason as to why it was retracted is one wrinkle in the pretentious costume of commercial scientific publishing. But the fact that a peer-reviewed journal accepted and published a study and then withdrew it points to the lack of credibility of the journal. In case of bad research, there has to be an investigation and the authors called for scrutiny and accountability as well as given the chance to explain their position. Bad research is usually rebutted via counter-research. Not in today’s authoritarian “science” though; these days, “science” is the label used by political/corporate mafias to fool people to whom they want to sell stuff as well keep them mentally enslaved.

As to the critics, they stay very silent on bad studies that seem to further their agenda. For example, the nonsense study that The Lancet published and shows not only faulty science but big conflict of interest from multiple authors of the paper.

Watching corporate science and its censorship of politically/pharmaceutically incorrect research is ever more important today when establishment education systems have been creating uninformed and ignorant grads with little critical thinking tools and independent research skills.

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