COVID 19 Test Detecting Not Virus but Human DNA on Chromosome 8

COVID 19 Test Detecting Not Virus but Human DNA on Chromosome 8

As the sold-out media mobs continue to sell the ongoing COVID 19 hoax as pandemic, real journalists and real scientists are getting to the core of this scam. In a new development, it’s been revealed that what the COVID 19 test actually has been designed to detect: your very own DNA.

Since day one, no real scientific evidence of a novel coronavirus (the one they say is causing COVID 19) has been presented. The rt-PCR diagnostic test used worldwide to detect the supposed novel coronavirus doesn’t detect the virus by isolating it from a sample. That has been known to informed readers all along. What wasn’t clear until now is what this test really looks for when applied to a sample taken from a person for COVID 19 testing.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who has been keeping an expert and critical eye on the science behind the COVID 19, joined independent journalist David Icke on video chat (included below) to share his observation of the genetic sequence the rt-PCR test has been detecting as documented in official test results. He showed the documents on the video chat and they reveal the genetic material tested as “coronavirus” is nothing but human DNA on chromosome 8.

Dr. Kaufman demonstrated how the rt-PCR diagnostic test is designed and shows the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material it has been detecting in those testing positive for COVID 19. The sequence is an exact match with the DNA on human chromosome 8. No wonder everybody is testing positive. He goes on to talk about how the volume of the testing sequence, called the primer, is diluted to include some negative tests so as to not arouse suspicion of a total hoax (if every single person is testing positive, even a dumbo will suspect something wrong with the test).

The fake science behind the COVID 19 has been exposed and more people are getting aware of it as a hoax planned and rehearsed before executed with the money and efforts of Bill Gates and other globalist players. The mainstream media, meanwhile, has been leading this scam of a pandemic and effectively scaremongering unsuspecting people into surrendering their civil liberties and basic human rights.

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