Cover-Up Complete: Charges Dropped against Epstein’s Prison Guards

Cover-Up Complete: Charges Dropped against Epstein’s Prison Guards

To complete the cover-up of Jeffery Epstein’s suspicious death, the federal government has dropped the criminal charges against the two guards on whose watch Epstein died in prison.

The Daily Caller reported on Thursday (December 30, 2021) that federal prosecutors dropped the charges against the guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas by a letter sent on December 13 to the concerned judge. The charges of negligence on duty and falsifying prison records were dropped despite the fact that both the accused had pleaded guilty to the charges of falsifying prison records of the night Epstein died in a high-security prison cell in New York.

Epstein’s death was called suicide by a coroner but a private coroner hired by Epstein’s brother concluded it was likely a homicide. The two guards did not check on Epstein while their duty required them to do, and were shopping online and sleeping on duty while Epstein died by suicide or murder. The official cause of death – suicide – was called a cover-up by many and no investigation has reached a conclusive result to explain what really happened that night in Epstein’s prison cell. According to Washington Examiner, the DOJ Inspector General’s Office declined to comment on its pending investigation.

The Gateway Pundit summarized the story as:

  • Epstein is dead.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty in Epstein sex-trafficking case as judge seals all important details.
  • Charges against Epstein prison guards dropped.
  • Mop-up operation complete.

The two guards were given a slap on the wrist in May this year when they were sentenced to 100 hours of community service and no jail time. summed up the role of AG Barr in the Epstein case that led to the pedophile’s alleged suicide/suspected murder in prison.

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