Cook Children’s Medical Center Refusing Unvxxed Boy Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Cook Children’s Medical Center Refusing Unvxxed Boy Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

The criminals in white coats continue to viciously endanger the lives of patients by refusing them life-saving procedures if they fail to sell them the COVID vaccine. This kind of inhuman and unethical behavior has been reported at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Texas that refused kidney transplant to a teenage boy because he is unvaccinated.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday that North Texas high schooler Doss Haugen was denied kidney transplant by the Cook Children’s Hospital Transplant Committee for the reason that Haugen has taken the COVID shots.

The teen even meets all of the requirements in order to be eligible to receive the transplant but is unable to receive the care he needs at Cook Children’s.

The story details the health challenges faced by the teen and the struggle of his parents to save his life via a kidney transplant. He has been through all the required medical tests but the biggest challenge now is the insistence of the hospital that he take the COVID shots. The story adds that the hospital’s transplant coordinator pressured Haugen’s parents into vaccinating the boy for COVID but refused to discuss the risks associated with the shots. The boy’s mother Kristen was cited as:

They do not even say there are risks too. They don’t tell you that side of it.

After it failed to talk Doss Haugen’s parents into vaccinating the teen for COVID, the hospital decided to continue keeping him on dialysis, vengefully adding that transplant is not a “patient right”.  A few weeks later, Doss was officially denied the transplant because he wouldn’t get the shots.

The behavior of Cook Children’s Medical Center is the textbook illustration of medical blackmail of patients. You have to surrender your rights to them; no questions asked; no objections raised; because if you do, then they’ll let you or your loved one die.

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