Chikungunya Virus Cases in US Cause Health Alarm

Chikungunya Virus Cases in US Cause Health Alarm

Chikungunya Virus is the latest health alarm rung in the United States and news of potential outbreaks are appearing in all major media outlets.Aedes_aegypti_biting_human

Three days ago, ABC News reported that the mosquito-borne disease may have landed in Tennessee among a group of people that recently returned from the Caribbean. Today, Fox News published a story about more American states reporting cases of Chikungunya Virus. North Carolina, Nebraska and Indiana are some of the states where the disease has surfaced. Most cases to date have been reported from Florida where 25 people have caught the infection.

As Russia Today writes, Chikungunya infection is incurable and is characterized by severe joint pain, headache, chills, and rash as well as vomiting in some cases. The virus primarily infects humans but the infected mosquitoes carrying the virus can also bite animals, so protecting pets is also important.

Preventing mosquito bites is said to be the only protection from the Chikungunya Virus. Wearing full sleeves and long pants and protecting places against mosquitoes are the recommended measures for everyone.

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