Chandler Pit Bull Shot by Police Leads to Petition for Justice

Chandler Pit Bull Shot by Police Leads to Petition for Justice

Simone Photo Credit: Care2

The killing of a family pit bull, shot by a police officer in Chandler, AZ, on January 7th, is being followed by a petition that wants a fair investigation into the incident.

Fox10 reported the story of the shooting on January 8th whereby the police and the shot pit bull owner gave conflicting statements about the incident. The police, responding t 911 calls about dog fighting, claimed that they saw the pit bull holding the neighbor’s dog in its mouth during a fight across the fence. But the owner rejected the statement saying that it wasn’t possible for the dog, named Simone, to grab the other via the small fence opening.

A Care2 petition by Michelle Fuery states that the shooting was done without justification and killing a family dog while both dogs in question “were in a secure and separate fenced in area.”  The petition targets Chief Sean Duggan for making accountable the officer who shot the dog and whose identity has been kept from the family. The petition has been signed by more than 28K people to date and is getting noticed both in US and abroad.

The incident has also left the owner’s child traumatized since the dog was shot in front of the 3-year-old daughter of Javier Robles, Simone’s owner. Fox 10 reported that the child was having nightmares and kept crying all day after the incident, saying “her doggie blew up.”


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