Canadians Demand Scrutiny of Trudeau Corruption Scandal

Canadians Demand Scrutiny of Trudeau Corruption Scandal

Corruption and liberalism in politics are intertwined as strands of DNA in nature. The ongoing scandal of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the leading current examples of this relation.

Conservative members of parliament (MPs) in Canada are looking forward to Trudeau’s testimony tomorrow (Thursday) as the Federal ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, investigates Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s dealings with WE Charity.

Meanwhile, Candian citizen Kristopher Willett has launched a petition on to investigate the scandal via an independent professional audit. The petition titled We the voters of Canada DEMAND a full audit of the WE Charity and the Trudeau Foundation! asks for “a complete and comprehensive audit of Justin Trudeau, the WE Charity, and the Trudeau Foundation.” It reads:

Al Capone escaped many attempts to put him behind bars. They finally put him in jail because of tax evasion. We demand a professional audit, done by an out-of-country mainstream accounting firm that is able to do their job without any influences by Trudeau or his team.

The petition has received over 600 signatures and counting. Willett is calling on all Canadians to sign the petition for the sake of Canada.

Petition Link:

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