Canada: Baby with Cancer Used by Father to Promote Tyranny

Canada: Baby with Cancer Used by Father to Promote Tyranny

Is it dangerous for a baby to have a deadly disease or to have a father who is ignorant and stupid?

Those who have read the story of the 14-month-old baby, Liam, battling brain cancer in Edmonton, Canada, will find it hard not to feel sad for the child. But what his father is doing is totally outrageous. Instead of trying to send out a positive message about safety of children, he wants to impose mandatory measles vaccine on them – something that has killed many children and disabled many others.Filling vaccine to syringe

The CBC story writes about the young victim of cancer getting exposed to measles: “Liam, who had never been well enough to receive a vaccination, was placed under quarantine for three weeks.” And at once the father, Jerry Wrice, took this opportunity to become a celebrity and get his photo published in papers by jumping on the vaccination tram.

Wrice says that the exposure to measles is reason enough for him to demand mandatory vaccination for all. He is apparently suffering from the more deadly disease called ignorance. If he weren’t, he would consider the fact that he has no proof that somebody unvaccinated exposed his child to the measles virus, and that measles vaccine is dangerous with a controversy over its link to autism as revealed by a CDC whistleblower still in news.

While feeling sad for the child and wishing him well, it’s important to caution everyone against the tactic of pharma-affiliated mainstream media’s use of people like Jerry Wrice who play the victim card to promote dangerous, ineffective vaccines and tyrannical state laws.

63 thoughts on “Canada: Baby with Cancer Used by Father to Promote Tyranny

      1. You are a very sick person exploiting this family for your own gain , you proven your unethical standards of Journalism and anyone with a grain of morals would know you only twisted this story to gain your own fame , all you accomplished was proving what your are about. Go back learn how to report without twisting stories , maybe you can write for Trump you certainly fit the same profile.

          1. I am a woman that watched my mother when I was a child die of Cancer you fucking moron , I work in a hospital in a Cancer Chemo clinic , I lost many family members who were good people , I seen children die, I have watched ,my nephews wife and mother of two young children fight and die at age 39 you fucking useless piece of shit are not deserving of any public acknowledgement. you need to get our from under your mamas skirt and do something meaningful in life , but let us do that for you , make you famous , your name will go far ass hole , You crossed wrong road attacking families who have sick children , your a low life piece of shit , One thing is for sure your name is out there as the biggest dick around , oh wait , dicks are useful you my little man are useless .
            I do not have to defend myself , I know , public knows who we are , we do meaningful things in life you only got internet and keyboard.

          2. Listen bitch, this posting is about vaccination and the right to choose NOT cancer. And for all your slutty attitude, I’ll say maybe that was what caused cancer in your family. Negativity brings physical harm. For the safety of those patients – that you kill with chemo – it’ll be appreciable if you remove your hideous presence from there and go find some strip club or other work that suits your attitude.

          3. It would seem that you in fact are the one who doesn’t have the story straight. You see Jerry, along with my cousin Natasha were informed by medical staff that Liam was exposed to an unvaccinated measles case. I am a nurse and I also know they are TRYINGto find a link to the vaccine and autism but it has yet to be proven fully. What you seem to do is voice your opinion yet when someone disagrees you use big words to degrade them and bully them. In doing so it proves nothing other then the fact you are the one who doesn’t like true facts or being wrong. Using this story and twisting it, which you did is disgusting. Jerry didn’t ask you to like his thoughts or opinions and you like everyone else is free to have your own but those vaccinated have few cases in contracting and for those fighting for their life, I see it every day, one unvaccinated case could be that what kills them. Try putting yourself in the shoes of those watching a loved one suffer instead of seeing it as a reason to get famous because these two parents have yet to ask for anything from anyone other then prayers. Jerry would give his own life to see his son get a chance to live his. You’ve proven to be heartless. Nothing more. I fully expect your nasty reaction to my comment since it appears to your way.

          4. Oh yeah? So where is that reported in the CBC story that I didn’t “get straight”? Which nurse and what’s the proof the child contracted measles from an unvaccinated person? And even if he did, what’s the proof that that person didn’t get it from a previously vaccinated one? Don’t slaughter science and reason in your ignorance. There is no proof that vaccines prevent or ever prevented any infectious disease. I don’t need Jerry’s asking – or anyone’s for that – to voice my opinion. If he has the right to ask for imposition of vaccines on everyone, I have the right to speak on my blog about the right to choose. I would not let morons like him to make this world an Orwellian nightmare because of his personal belief in vaccination. You went dirty enough to use the word nasty so I won’t use anything more than it.

      2. You’re honestly not worth my time, I don’t think you are worth anyone’s time, maybe that’s why you’re more then likely a 40 year old virgin who still lives with his mom and dad who sits down in front of a fucking keyboard and gets his rocks off watching child porn!! You are a embarrassment to journalists, quit while your ahead!

        1. Even in that sulking scenario of yours at least I have a mom and dad to care for me; you are likely the kind that is too ugly to be kept and hence dumped in trash soon after birth. A miracle you survived! or is it the vaccine mafia’s work to keep trolls like you for trashing blogs with yoru shit?

      3. It’s hard to take your opinions seriously when you tell someone to take their head out of their “dirty crotch”. Stating your opinion on this controversial topic opens yourself up to debate and criticism so be a man and take it. Also it’s easy to call out Liam’s father for trying to become a celebrity behind your computer isn’t it? Do you know what it’s like to spend months away from home in and out of a hospital and RMH while your baby goes through cancer treatments and surgeries? Probably not. To vaccinate or not to is always going to be a debate and still there exists no strong proof. Ignorance is not knowing any better and someone who challenges a well disputed notion is far from ignorant. And you being on the other side of the fence, we all could call you the same thing. Hundreds of thousands have been vaccinated Including yourself I’m sure but you sit on your high horse challenging someone else’s right to speak their mind and protect their child and then call them Ignorant. You need to dial down the douche baggery just a bit.

        1. So you are another piece of shit who can’t take it while seemingly fine with the trash of your fellow trolls using all sorts of nasty words and thoughts. I am open to debate and criticism – but are you? Any of you? I have seen so far only crap and scum thrown at me without discussing the science of vaccination or the objectively verifiable information in the media stories. So how about you dump your shit at your place and start a civilized discourse here? I’ll really love that, if you are capable of it.

          And by the way, I am unvaccinated and take pride in my great health condition while I have seen my vaccinated friends suffer from all kinds of shit. So don’t speak for me, only for yourself.

      4. I would like to know were you are getting you’re info from saying the vaccine harms children?? I can’t find it.. And karma is a bitch hopefully Ur child doesn’t have to suffer, it’s bad enough you would be a father

        1. If you can’take find info on the harms of vaccine, chances are that you shit your pajamas because then you too much of a retard to find your own bathroom. Ifor I have a child I’llc make sure it remains my child not the biological property of vaccine mafia _ much to your chagrin!

      1. You ERNEST DEMPSEY are so uneducated and lack any morals , you even reply like Donald Trump , go do something worthwhile and volunteer at a local child cancer ward.

  1. Talk about ignorance! You are clearly ignorant to the fact that this father is not only battling for what he feels is best for his son but also battling to stay proactive when most people would crumble… He’s experiencing the worst fear any parent could imagine, your nuts if you think you have a clue.

    1. Given your ignorance, it’s apparent that you like this irresponsible father, are a threat to kids – whether your own or others. And if he lets his fear take over his reason, that’s a problem he needs helps with – he should be quarantined not the other way around.

      1. You should keep your wacky opinions to yourself. This Family doesn’t need your crock of shit to deal with, they have enough in looking after their sick baby. This will only make you famous to your own kind which are very rare on this earth.

        1. But your kind is surely in abundance – that’s why the world is so fucked up with pest like you. And for opinions, I will express them as I like. I am not trying to keep morons like you or your like happy.

  2. Probably protest oil production as well while sitting in a kayak made from plastic. Same type of mentality. Use fear and misinformation to attempt to get people to bend to your beliefs. I have to ask, remember when you had polio as a child? Of course you don’t, that’s because your parents were responsible and had you vaccinated.

    1. None of us were vaccinated for polio and hence we have been safe. However thousands lost their health and some their lives to polio and measles vaccines since pharma fascists started buying politicians and corporate media to impose the billion dollars worth vaccine sales on them. These are the criminals we face today as a threat to our safety and this father and you are two small pawns in this corporate chess.

      1. Another fool who thinks they have all the answers to life , screw the science , screw the world , I KNOW EVERYTHING BHAHAHAH , YOU REALLY SHOULD BE ON DONALD TRUMPS TEAM MAN YOU REALLY SHOULD ,

  3. Jerry and Natasha are my very good friends and I find this to be extremely uncalled for and disgusting in every way possible. Jerry, in no way is trying to “become famous”, he is standing up for something he believes in. To say that you find it hard to feel sad for Liam is insane! This little boy is a month older than my youngest child and is battling BRAIN CANCER and you find it hard to feel bad for him?!! I hope people read that first paragraph and realize you are a complete psycho!!

    I hope no one close to you has to deal with what they have these past few months. Maybe then you would understand

    1. Brandi, sorry I just corrected the first para as I see I had missed the word “not” cz I do feel sad for the child and I meant to write people will find it hard NOT TO feel sad for the kid. Typos do happen and I have fixed it. About the father, I stand by my point that he is irresponsible by calling for imposition of the vaccine. But there is no denying that the child deserves all the love and sympathy and only a heartless person would say they can’t feel for him – which I am not!

      1. Oh the troll do have a soul , oh my god , get off your high horse Ernest , you have published a piece of vomit that has gone viral , showing what a low life you are . The only fame your getting is being know as ERNEST DEMPSEY THE DIP SHIT , that attack a family fighting with their child for his life and future . What a ass you have portrayed yourself as !!! Well done Ernest dipstick , you only accomplished pissing off millions of people who are living this horror of ill children with Cancer.. your a dick weed.

        1. Too bad my piece of vomit went viral and a massive pile of cyber garbage named CHRISTINE POWER didn’t! Your obsession with the word Dick is notable. Looks like you are an addicted whore who is responsible for spreading around STDs in hospitals and outside. I don’t give a fuck about pissing people. I have the right to condemn somebody using a poor child’s illness to promote a hideous agenda. So Chris Power Slut, just get over yourself and leave this place. you stink!

      2. Some could call you irresponsible for your opposite opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as adults, we are supposed to know better then to bully others, and one would hope, know better then to assume the worst of someone without just cause.

        If you had been following this family’s story, you would be well aware that Liam’s father simply loves his family & wants the best for Liam & the other ill children he regularly sees at the hospital.
        I wish that you would take the time here that you have spent bullying & voicing your hatefulness, to actually educate yourself on the type of person Jerry is. Instead you have chosen to assume the worst(& incorrect) opinion of this man. Along with that, you’ve tossed out hateful words & names unnecessarily instead of behaving like a decent person.

        Having a public blog means you should be ready to hear opinions on it, as well as accept constructive critisism. This so called “article” that you have so hatefully crafted is full of emotional, biased opinions. I truly hope that if you have already, or in the future, choose to procreate, that you never have to live the nightmare this family is facing. Even more then that, I hope you can contain your hatred & ignorance to your “inside voice”.

        1. You already have proven yourself ignorant and full of shit by sneering at me instead of talking sense and reason. Instead you called your fellow trolls’ nasty and bad language “constructive criticism”.

          I don’t need to know Jerry’s history to comment on his irresponsible act of asking for vaccine imposition on parents whose children may get disabled or fall dead from a vaccine. Since I have a blog, I will decide what language to use with whom and on what occasion. Nobody has the right to bully me into anything. And yes I am allowing others to voice their opinions – that is why you see all those nasty comments here against me. I approve them to appear. If I didn’t believe in freedom of opinion, I would simply disable or filter out comments that I don’t like. But if someone can throw mud at e, they should be prepared to get some more back on their faces. Period!

    2. I hope no children suffer the fate of those that fell dead in hours of taking the measles vaccine or developed long-term disabilities. Because those children are no less important and human and loved by their parents than Jerry’s son. All kids are sweet and deserve a good and long healthy life. Just because a child contracted measles from somebody doesn’t mean that you go ahead and start a campaign against unvaccinated people, making witch-hunt laws to impose your opinion on them.

  4. Oh Ernest , you need to trade your keyboard for a paddle bike or scooter, I bet your ache is still on your face , lol you made such a fool of yourself with this post, you continue to dig yourself into a hole of immaturity and stupidity. Keep doing the Online Journalism courses , you will get there , you will succeed ,
    Meanwhile we adults will continue to live reality and help others and do good onto others, your filthy scummy skills could do well on adult xxx sites , try that . I am sure you will be portrayed here with shares for your skills.

      1. Keep posting Ernest Dempsey. Keep posting . Your skills will be noticed by those that need to see it soon enough . Best of luck in the future . bhahhahaa

  5. As a Veteran, it disgusts me to think that I put my life on the line to ensure the very freedoms that you exercise. Everyone has the right to express his/her, or in your case, (I’m coming down to your level here) brain dead’s point of view. You do not however have the right to belittle, demean or insult anyone else for their views. Your intelligence is on display for the whole world to see, you resort to insults when confronted with a differing opinion (with poor spelling and grammar I might add) yet never once have you backed your words with facts or science. You, sir (I use the term in it’s loosest context ever here) are a small minded person gaining exposure at the expense of this family who are experiencing their worst nightmare right now. Grow up, grow some balls, and a functioning brain (again coming way down to your level). Now, to anyone intelligent reading this (clearly this part is not for you, Ernest, so you can stop reading now), stop commenting, pretty sure this so called journalist, makes money every time someone posts.

    1. A veteran? Wow! Must be in Nam – hence the shameful defeat and big blow to the nation because of gimp bicthes like you! You telling me I don’t have the right to belittle or demean someone’s views? yes I have every right to do so. And I will continue to do so in future. If you have a problem with it, you can stop reading or let your ears clog to the level where you can’t hear. But don’t you tell me I can’t say something when I am sickened by morons like this Jerry and his trolls like you! As for use of language, first go to elementary school and learn the use of apostrophe, and when you get an A, then come to talk grammar. Wondering? here’s your joke of a comment: “(I use the term in it’s loosest context ever here)” – It’s or Its? lol. Poor little rat!

  6. Why is it you can voice your opinion and when others voice theirs you get your back up and start name calling. A true journalist can take criticism. You are being seen as a heartless bully who is using someone else’s misfortune to try get ahead. Sad thing for you is everyone all over social media is backing Jerry NOT you. Your “article” has been reported to authorities since it is cyber bullying at its finest and highly illegal. Best of luck to you since Karma is a bitch and after all you’ve had to say about my family I hope she has huge teeth!!

    1. Aha, so you are one of those ISIS people who have made it a blasphemy for anyone to criticize others’s views while they are allowed to say whatever they want to and in whatever manner. I give a damn about any “authorities” that would stifle my freedom of speech. And I would definitely write more about the issue as well as contact al forums of activism in case terrorists like you get my blog down.

      1. Terrorist??? Baaaahaha you’re the one everyone is calling the terrorist but thank you! You proved my previous point perfectly! Small minded people insult and have no merit behind their writings

        1. Everyone? You mean you and your pathetic gang of cyber bullies who have no intelligence, no reason, and no point to make at all, except showing your ugliness en mass? And as that is the case, you indeed have proven your point. To judge my writing those traits of yours are too cheap and dumb. So take your crap elsewhere – it’s none of your business here!

  7. This article is a fucking joke.
    How dare you say that he is doing this to become famous. He is doing this because it is something that needs to be done. Why should his son, who is already sick with cancer, be exposed to another disease because of the carelessness of another parent. Get your head out of your ass and fuck off

    1. You reek of stupidity and unreason. His son’s measles is an vaccinated person’s fault? Where is the proof? And until you get the evidence – objectively verifiable – try to work on your attitude instead of shitting on a blog as a pharma-troll.

  8. I am from Canada you little shit. The best thing to do with you is give you a weapon and put you on the front line. The enemy wouldn’t shoot you, your own men would. Being from Canada, I speak and write English not the bastardized version you use. I’m not that lazy or dumb that I have to shorten words to make them easier to remember and spell. People wonder why the world doesn’t like Americans. It’s because of assholes like you.

    1. OH you are Canadian! No wonder you are such a bastard – the nation of dirty immigrants full of disease and liberal assholes. Yes we have our share of scum like you – they are liberals, just like your slutty state head. And you come to speak of shootings and killings! No wonder you and other pharma minions commenting shit here are the same as ISIS. The moment somebody speaks their mind, you create scenarios of them getting killed or charged with blasphemy. Who do you worship? Merck? And about Americans, American passport is the most desirable in the world. Not like shithole Canada – the ISIS den. And go learn English.

  9. Listen Ernest ….YOU DO NOT KNOW JERRY… to accuse him of being “ignorant and stupid”..Jerry is a very caring person…I have personally known him since he was a little boy, …he would give his life to see his little boy get better….I have followed (to the best that I can) since little Liam took sick..In no way is Jerry trying to make himself famous…he wants the best for all children…not only his…ALL..He is voicing an opinion…everyone has a right to an opinion..but you get all worked up when you read what you think is “wrong “….Why are you so RIGHT in your comments..I have to ask you a question Ernest….If this was you in Jerry’s shoes …watching his son on a daily basis fighting for his life ..and your son came in contact with this virus…what would you do???…and can you consider replying back WITHOUT nasty comments..

    1. Since you have stayed not so nasty, I’ll reply as well in that tone.

      There is no question that the child’s cancer is saddening and I feel sad for him. As I said in my blog I wish him well and will keep him in my good thoughts. Yes Jerry has every right to voice his opinion. BUT – he has no right to impose it on others and that is what he has attempted to do by calling for mandatory vaccination. I am not even calling into question his pro-vaccination views as probably responsible for his own child’s condition since vaccines have been known to cause brain damage and cancer. But I won’t act ignorant to make that claim. He is not caring as it is obvious toward others and that is likely because of his ignorance. When he asks for imposing measles vaccine on others, does he realize that children have died in severe reactions to this vaccine? Does he know that many of the little healthy babies have been brain damaged after taking this vaccine and as we speak the CDC whistleblower William Thompson’s confession about the MMR-autism link has been published in books and come out as a film that is under immense pressure to be banned. Yet the brave souls have fought to expose the vaccine mafia and keep their right to information.

      If my son gets infected with a virus, I would not run to the media and blame unvaccinated people for it. What is his proof that his son was exposed to measles virus by an unvaccinated person? What is his proof that unvaccinated people never get viruses from vaccinated people? This kind of blind blame game is unacceptable. And people like Jerry are part of the problem the vaccine industry and its puppet media has been fueling against the unvaccinated people who choose to live free of the nasty pharma cartels. I truly wish he realizes that his son isn’t goanna get better by his rantig against others; but I would not question his love for his child. And I so truly wish that kid healed.

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