Bollywood Actor’s Murder: Drug and Child Sex Trafficking in Bollywood

Bollywood Actor’s Murder: Drug and Child Sex Trafficking in Bollywood

Following Indian actress Kangana Ranaut’s bombshell interview with India’s Republic TV on July 18th brought national attention to Bollywood’s involvement with illegal drugs, a firestorm has swept through Bollywood as actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death controversy became an active murder investigation. In new revelations, an attorney has made shocking revelations about big names involved in drugs and child sex trafficking related to the incident.

Mainstream media initially pushed the story that 34-year-old Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging himself in June this year. But his fans rejected the media reports and created a series of video blogs to claim that Sushant was murdered and the Mumbai police have been hiding facts related to the crime. Republic TV’s anchor Arnab Goswami aggressively followed the story and provided a platform to activists and skeptics of the mainstream narrative. The demand for a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) investigation grew stronger after Ranaut’s interview that received nearly 6 million hits and thousands of comments on YouTube.

In August, a month after Ranaut’s interview, CBI was directed by India’s Supreme Court to investigate the Sushant death/murder case. Since then many revelations have been made by various sources looking at the case. The most attention-grabbing of these come from an attorney Vibhor Anand who revealed in video interviews that Sushant’s murder was one of the triple murder case wherein the other two victims were his former manager Disha Salian, who died on the night of June 8th (five days before Sushant Singh Rajput), and a minor girl who was the victim of child sex trafficking and was rescued by Disha.

Anand has made other bombshell revelations relating the criminals behind these murders and their links to the drug cartels and child traffickers.  He has claimed that Bollywood’s famous actor Salman Khan “is fond of” minor boys and keeps illegally smuggled boys from Pakistan on his farmhouse. He also claimed that Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan has been taken into custody by the CBI for interrogation. Anand also claimed that the murder of Sushant Singh and the minor girl he was sheltering from traffickers was aired live on video on the Dark Web.

As the revelations about the Khan brothers, considered very rich and influential in the country, are being ignored by mainstream media, Salman Khan along with his family was shown in arriving n Dubai, United Arab Emirates, amidst the COVID 19 restrictions, fueling the suspicions of his involvement in the alleged drug-child trafficking web that caused the death/murder of Sushant Singh.

More is expected to come to surface soon as independent investigators and YouTubers are actively seeking any and all bits of information by multiple sources. The most noteworthy observation to date remains about the role of mainstream media in the case where there is a deafening silence, reminding of the other big scandals and crimes around the world that were covered up by the mainstream.

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