New Study Links Vaccination to Gulf War Syndrome

New Study Links Vaccination to Gulf War Syndrome

Don’t expect to see it in the mainstream media because this new study has yet again found something the vaccine mafia and its propaganda wing—the media—are going to hate: the link between vaccination and Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Syndrome

The study by Mexican researchers Manuel Martinez-Lavin and Melina Tejada-Ruiz is included this month’s issue of Autoimmunity Reviews (Volume 19, Issue 9). It’s titled “Gulf war illness, post-HPV vaccination syndrome, and Macrophagic Myofasciitis. Similar disabling conditions possibly linked to vaccine-induced autoimmune dysautonomia” reviews all original articles investigating the association of vaccines with gulf war illness and concludes that the Gulf War Illness is linked to some vaccines or multiple vaccines administered to the Gulf War soldiers in a short timeframe.

Previously vaccination has been listed as one of the reasons for Gulf War Syndrome in affected veterans.

The new study by Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology researchers is not expected to find media coverage because mainstream media do not cover news; they cover up for the crimes of the vaccine/pharma mafia.

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