Art with Energy: A Chat with Robert Ford

Art with Energy: A Chat with Robert Ford

by Michell Spoden

Today, I am presenting my chat with an American artist who comes from the banking industry. Robert Ford presents his work at My Energy Aura, where he makes unique paintings and quantum mediation art which reflect the distinctive energy field that emanates from all things. His work is handmade using oil paint on a gallery stretched canvas or archival paper. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity and every piece of art is signed by the artist. Ford invites all to capture the energy in them through art.

Michell: How did you ever begin this sort of art?

Robert Ford: When I was in high school I used to get bored and in class and I started making these elaborate mazes. I just used to do it to pass time until class was over but something interesting started to happen. I would feel a calm come over me while making these doodles. I also noticed that every time I made a new maze it would become interesting than the last. There was also a new unexpected twist that would happen out of nowhere. So over the years it just evolved from there because it always kept me interested.Robert Ford

Michell: How long have you been an artist? Did you study art?

Robert Ford: I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember. When I was in the first grade I remember my art being placed in a government building in my city. I also have a cousin whose a tattoo artist and we used to compete in to see whose drawings were the best when were grade school. I received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts for Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000. I considered this a perfect school for me to attend because of the concentration on abstract art there. I really felt I was able to find the beginnings of my style there but it’s always a work in progress.

Michell: On your web site you state that the individual must first answer at least four of eight preliminary questions in order to being their piece of art which you call creating their energetic signature. Can you please share what some of those questions might be and why?

Robert Ford: My art is all about energy and this energy which surrounds people, places, thing and basically everything is called its aura. I have always been very in tune with people’s energy. Sometimes it’s to the point if I ignore the energy surrounding me I can get lost in it. I have learned not to do that simply because if I do I can find myself at that energy’s will. Plus I find taking note of energy to be very interesting. It’s invisible but the variety of energy in the world is endless and no two signatures are the same.

Michell: Please explain what Quantum Mediation Art is?

Robert Ford: The main focus of my art is energy. I believe energy has a flow and vibe. So the quantum part is the environment of energy. The world we can see but has been proven scientifically to exist. This is a world of perfect timing. A place where everything moves so fast and flawless that is hard for us to even understand that without its perfection our world would not even exist. My art duplicates this world on a scale that we can understand. Of course I use artistic license but the main intention is to pull you into the quantum world of perfection through meditation. In this way I consider my art not only to be decorative but functional as well. The basic steps to reach this state using quantum meditation art is first spotlight the art in a dark, quiet and secluded room. Next focus on the art for five to ten minutes, meaning follow the flow of the forms and colors until you reached the meditative state. Once this state is reached your energy has been properly balanced throughout your mind and body. From this point it’s your choice what to focus on whether is creativity, envisioning the future or re-living past experience that you felt were amazing. This is your launch pad to playing with energy auras more easily and effectively.

Michell: What do you consider to be a meditative state?

Robert Ford: Simply put meditation is the middle. A place where energy is balance between positive the negative. The longer you can stay in the middle the more bliss you will experience. I believe the path of the middle to be infinite, meaning no matter how amazing your last experience in meditation was there’s always something greater as along as your focus allows it. You don’t have to sit with your eyes closed to reach a meditative state. I meditate all the time while painting and I’m moving all over the place. Basketball players, musicians, and even writers have reported going into the “zone”. The main thing we have control over as humans is our attention and when we put enough attention into a singular activity our awareness grows around it and we reach a meditative state.

Michell: Do you think that for some people you may have to have several sessions of this sort of art form in order to take the layers away and get to the core of the positive energy in an n individual?

Robert Ford: I think that really depends on the person and their experiences in life. Just like anything else in life there’s of course a learning curve. I think depends on your dedication and willingness to show the universe you’re serious about learning this form of meditation. I think it could benefit everyone with minimal effort but of course it’s not for everyone. The main thing is to evaluate your feelings and the way your energy is flowing. I think on average a person who has never attempted this sort of practice would start to get a comfort level and some amazing benefit after two to three sessions.

Michell: Can you do this sort of art for a business and not just a person?

Robert Ford: Yes, I would need a couple of different questions to describe the energy vibe of the business. More specifically what services do they provide, where the business is located, and is it a large or a smaller company. The aura of almost anything can be describe once the right research is done. This includes clubs, sports group, music groups and even communities of people.

Michell: Does your company involve itself with any environmental or humanitarian efforts? If not why not? And what would you choose to promote if you could?

Robert Ford: At this time I have our company has not been involved with any environmental or humanitarian efforts simply because no opportunities have presented themselves. I think our art would work well in hospitals or mental facilities to help uplift the spirits of the patients. Also I think any project promoting gaining more self-control through meditation would be perfect for this sort of art.

Michell: What are your future goals for your company?

Robert Ford: The three main immediate goals for our company is first make a thirty minute documentary describing in detail what Energy/Aura is all about. Secondly we aim have an art show in a gallery so the public can see the art live. Thirdly we want to have seminars to bring our message to the public directly.

Michell: Thank you so much for this interview and we wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.

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