5 Tips on Hiring Entertainment for Your Wedding

5 Tips on Hiring Entertainment for Your Wedding

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Finding the right entertainment for your wedding can be tiresome. You want to hire someone who is specific to what you want. You likely going to get disappointed by most people because they may not have exactly what you want. Good entertainment translates to a success and what you want is for your guests to have a great time. The following are tips to hiring the best kind of entertainment for your wedding.

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Space requirements

When booking entertainment for your wedding, then you need to think of your venue space. You don’t want to book a band that will take up all the dance floor space. If your venue space is small and can only accommodate a few people, your form of entertainment should be simple to avoid space limitations. If space is not a problem, entertainment options will be many for you.

Book early

If you are planning to hold your wedding during high peak seasons, then make sure to book your entertainment early. Don’t wait for the last minute because most of the time the best kind of entertainment will be booked by then. Instead, book months before the wedding to enjoy discounts especially when it is during off-peak seasons. By booking early, you will not have to settle for the available option, but you get to choose what you want for your wedding.

Your venue restrictions

Another thing to consider when booking your wedding entertainment is your venue restrictions. Some venues will have volume restrictions so you need to confirm with them first. If the kind of entertainment you want is a bit loud and noisy, it is advisable to mention it to your venue’s manager. Also, some venues, may not allow you to bring your own entertainment, so you need to enquire about it first.

Their terms and conditions

Before hiring entertainment for your wedding, you need to ask about the terms and conditions. You don’t want last minute surprises or to be left stranded on your big day for not adhering to their terms and conditions. Ask for the T&C’s and go through them before getting into any contract with an entertainment company. Be aware of their cancellation terms and if possible, have a back-up plan ready.

Ask for recommendations and samples

Music can make or break your wedding ceremony. You want to make sure that you know what you are dealing with. Ask your prospect to provide samples of their ideal kind of music for a wedding. Also, ask them where and who they have worked for before and care to ask previous clients of their performance. If you have a particular playlist you want played on that day, hand it over to the DJ. Give clear instructions on what you want played and always make sure you have your back up plan standby.

Bottom line

Entertainment is very crucial to your wedding, and will play a huge role to determine how it turns out. Know what to want and look for whoever can deliver exactly that and you will sure have a great time.



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