4 Tips to Become an Uber Driver

4 Tips to Become an Uber Driver

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Uber, as well as other similar taxi technology companies, has fully revolutionized the way people know about and utilize transportation and courier services. In just a couple of clicks, you can instantly book car services on your way to work or request food delivery for your family dinner. Because of its highly-efficient booking and ridesharing system, this technology significantly reduces traffic congestion and fuel costs that could have been wasted from cabs driving around while looking for passengers.

Since 2009, Uber has been providing great convenience not only to the regular commuters but also to partner drivers who have committed to the program. Being an Uber driver gives you more freedom with your time and provides you with extra income on top of what you get from a daytime job. This is in contrast to working for a taxi operator on a fixed rate and working hours.

Make sure to check with your local service provider for the complete list of documents and other requirements before proceeding with your application. This will help you avoid any possible delays during the application process. And even though being an Uber driver is exciting for many people, it may take a while before you can get used to this job and learn how to maximize your profits. To help you with this, here are four tips that you should consider when applying to become an Uber driver. Take note of these tips and become the next five-star Uber driver in your area.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your local area.

The first step that you should take before taking in your first customer for a ride is to educate yourself not just about the common rules and driving etiquettes but also about the local area that you wish to drive for. From knowing the fastest routes to recommending the best spots to shop, dine, and have fun is a great asset that you can have being Uber driver. Make sure to download and install some of the best maps for added convenience.

  1. Keep daily records.

Many people who are interested to apply as a partner of the company are asking about how much is Uber driver salary/pay. The gross profit may be easy to compare with existing Uber drivers but there are other things that you should take into account when computing for the net value. What you can do to get a good estimate of your income is to track all daily expenses from fuel, meals, and other statistics such as mileage and number of trips. This way, it will be much easier for you to calculate your profits come tax time.

  1. Take advantage of opportunities.

As you gain more experience on the road, you will eventually learn how to take advantage of surge hours to earn extra income. On times of low-demand, avoid driving for too long without a passenger and just stay near other Uber drivers on the map for higher chances of getting booked next.

  1. Offer more than just a ride.

Uber driving is a great opportunity to meet different kinds of people and share a lot of stories with them. Be courteous enough to carry heavy baggage and assist elderly and disabled passengers. If you want, you can also offer free internet, bottled water, and some magazines that your riders can read during the trip.


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