Sweden: Measles Outbreak Reported, Vaccination Status Untouched

Sweden: Measles Outbreak Reported, Vaccination Status Untouched

Sweden has just reported a measles outbreak, but one big and important question has been left out of the story: were the patients unvaccinated or already vaccinated but still got the infection?

The Local tells that Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg has so far confirmed 8 cases of measles and is “trying to track down and contain a measles outbreak in the city.” The story then goes on to claim that unvaccinated people are particularly at risk so they should take a measles shot.

However, the story does not tell whether the 8 cases diagnosed to date were of people who were already vaccinated against measles (but still got the infection) or they were unvaccinated. Without this information, which should be given in a verifiable way (readers should be able to verify independently the veracity of the information given), the push for vaccination sounds unreasonable and in fact suspicious.

Mainstream propaganda media and corporate health authorities across the world work hard to make sure no information undermining the vaccine industry’s position (that vaccines work and are safe) makes it to the press. This story too is part of the same propaganda campaign that advertizes vaccines while keeping information that may make the advertisement look lame.


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