WorldnBrief: Pakistani Dictator Declared Fugitive, Sandra Bullock’s Donation to TX, and More

WorldnBrief: Pakistani Dictator Declared Fugitive, Sandra Bullock’s Donation to TX, and More

Ex-President/Dictator General Pervez Musharraf Declared a Fugitive

18 months later since he was allowed to leave Pakistan for medical treatment in Dubai, the country’s former military dictator Pervez Musharraf has been declared a fugitive by a Pakistani court. The accused was charged with the 2007 assassination of prominent politician and the country’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

As military in Pakistan enjoys a strong hold over other institutions and is largely free from accountability for overthrowing governments, Musharraf was not jailed like average Pakistanis charged with murder but was under travel ban, and that was eventually lifted in March 2017 when he requested medical treatment abroad. Today’s news says that the court has also ordered confiscation of his property.

Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million to Red Cross for Harvey Relief

Hollywood celebrity Sandra Bullock has donated a million dollars to the American Red Cross to help with their relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. USA Today wrote that Bullock is a longtime supporter of Red Cross.

On the other end of the spectrum surrounding the Harvey-struck Texas are thugs and robbers attempting plunder in the hurricane-affected area, particular Houston that has been hit hard by Harvey. More than a dozen robbers have already been arrested and charged by Houston police. Robbers from other areas are also moving to Houston as apparent in the warning note of the Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo: “Don’t come to Houston, because you’re going to be caught.”

Petition Asks White House to Make FBI Release Clinton’s Emails Investigation Record

One move that is being ignored by mainstream media is the new petition on White House website asking the government to compel the FBI to make public all records pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s personal secret server email investigation.

The petition live at this link says “there is sufficient public interest in releasing all FBI records pertaining to this case.”

As of now the petition has received 29,365 signatures against a set target of 100, 000 signatures by September 28 2017.

Australia Banning Anti-Vaccination Advocates from Entering the Country

Dancing to the tunes of pharmaceutical-vaccine mafia, Australia is not only excluding information on the vaccination status of many recently measles-affected patients in the country but also denying visas to speakers and writers who are against vaccination.

A BBC story, obviously tilted toward the vaccine mafia, tells that Australia denied anti-vaccine American author Kent Heckenlively a visa for a speaking tour in the country in December. The Australian immigration minister was cited calling anti-vaccination advocates “dangerous people”.

The BBC story also exposed yet again the lack of professionalism and journalistic ethics as there is no mention of whether/why not Kent Heckenlively was contacted for a comment while the Australian side was given the opportunity to slam him.

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