Why English Bulldogs Are Great Family Pets

Why English Bulldogs Are Great Family Pets

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Short, portly, and proud owners of seriously floppy jaws, the English bulldog is a readily recognizable and fabulously popular breed. Heretofore bred for work and sport, this bulldog has developed into a dutiful and happy-go-lucky member of the household. Let’s take a keen look at these lovable hounds.

About the Breed

The first thing to consider when looking for a pet bulldog is your expectations for your future canine companion. If you are searching for a canine to go on field excursions in 99-degree weather, take a 7 mile stroll, jump over high hurdles, or locate and catch game, a Bulldog may not be your first choice. Nevertheless, they are great at sniffing out T-bone steaks out on your grill!


Bulldogs make an excellent family pet due to their laid back, smooth and mellow nature. Heat, however, is the English bulldog’s worst enemy. Your home needs to have an air-conditioner if you reside in areas where temperatures rise beyond mid-80s. These dogs endure cold weather but within reason.

Bulldogs love to join in car rides, sleeping in the easy-chair or couch, or at your bed’s foot. They need lots of love and socialization and offer the same in return.

With a gift of getting along with everybody, bulldogs feel at home with any family. A particularly steadfast breed, these dogs are notable for forming intense bonds with children at the same time being mellow enough for parents who fancy a relaxed lifestyle.

A bulldog’s full jaws and underbite give an impression of concern or sadness; however, anyone acquainted with this breed realizes these perky, even waggish pups are more crazy than sad. Blessed with cute wrinkles and an impish temperament, these dogs do turn a lot of heads anywhere they go. Supposing that their facial expressions and features don’t draw attention, their animated personalities are sure to do the trick.


English bulldogs are by nature people pleasers, although at times they can be somewhat strong-willed. A common misapprehension is that these dogs are troublesome to train and stubborn. Well, they may not knock anybody’s socks off by their performance in training, but they are apt in learning, and once they comprehend basic instructions they are good to go.

Bulldogs learn best when trainers make training fun, mainly if it includes repetition, positive reinforcement and a couple of treats for motivation. Outside of training, bulldogs are independent and independent problem-solvers.

Exercise Needs

For families that live in apartments, ensure your pet dog exercises daily. Thebulldogbreeder.com recommends 10 – 15 minute walks, which isn’t much of an inconvenience for pet lovers. If your bulldog doesn’t get enough exercise, he or she will develop behavioral issues and may suffer from obesity.

Note that English bulldogs can’t run or walk for long stretches. Short strolls and monitored outdoor play times serve them well. Three outdoor sessions per week is enough.


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