We The People – Kid Rock Wins Again

We The People – Kid Rock Wins Again

Kid Rock is killing it with his new song We The People that has become a Let’s Go Brandon song without the LGB term in the title. The Popular libertarian singer’s musical energy makes the perfect match for public’s rejection of the COVID mandates.

Posted to Kid Rock’s YouTube channel on January 24, We The People has received over 3.3 million and 191 thousand Likes views so far. Headline Planet reported that on January 25 We The People topped the All-Genre US iTunes Song Sales Chart.

KidSong vid Rock makes We The People about people’s rights and liberty against the anti-freedom agenda of Fauci, Biden, leftist tech giants, and fake news media. Of course “Let’s Go Brandon” and the F word recur in the lyrics – and any anti-mandate and pro-America song won’t like to miss on these catchwords now. Kid just makes it the perfect slogan by juxtaposing the “We The People” motto of liberty with the rejection of an anti-American symbol, the media’s lies that culminated in “Let’s Go Brandon” at a football game.

NewsMax’s Eric Bolling said it well: Kid Rock is screaming what everyone’s thinking. Perhaps even better a way to put it would be that Kid Rock is the voice in music of patriotic America of the day.


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